Need to awake! : need to eliminate ‘honour killings’ rocking the country – by Divya Badlani.

Published August 15, 2013

Almost everyday news updates remind us all of the growing number of ‘honour killings’. There was this particular case that I went through a couple of days back, that blew up my quiet senses: crying because of the incidents of honour killings in the country.

In the khurja village of U.P., a boy named Mayur, married the girl he loved. A love marriage was considered as immoral in the village so this  event of his marriage was considered by the folks as a dishonour to their esteems. Because of the reluctance to the marriage reflected by the local people, the panchayat looking into the matter, gave their verdict- to boycott and dismember Mayur and his family from the village. The family was regularly threatened by his in-laws and the panchayat in the gruesome ways.

Meenakshi, his sister who was practically out of the whole scene was threatened to be immorally eloped and raped. Out of all the frustations and depression that she fell in, she committed suicide.  Meenakshi’s death might just be a normal suicide for the people, but if you ponder into the matter cordially, you”ll realize it was a forced death: a murder; a form of honour killing in practicallity!
Such effectiveness of these local councils in protecting the rights of the women must be questioned. The panchayats are not the constitutional bodies. They are meant to settle disputes amicably. They cannot act like the police or judiciary.

Had there been timely interventions by the authorities, innocent Meenakshi’s death could have been prevented but in this case, no aid was provided by the police to the victim family despite of the regular complaints and requests by them. All such cases take place cause we start relating our dignity to our ancient tribal customs. The honour of a family, or a village is represented by the morality, chastity and proper behavior of its women.

There was this case of Iraq where 2 teen daughters were bludgeoned and strangled to death by the hands of their own father. They used to listen to rock music, drive a car and wear western apparels which according to the family was alleged impure moral conduct and ‘being too western’. They were considered as a black spot on the reputation of the family in the society where women are supposed to concede to everything their families ask for, where they are treated as servants to their families, where they are supposed to cover their bodies completely whereas there’s no ban on males even if they move about naked, where ubiquitous use of western technology is not questioned for males, but females. What form of society are we living in?
There have been countless cases of rapes and honour killings rocking our country but still we are sitting: quiet and calm! Until when!? What do we wait for?

It’s time to take some cordial measures or the situation will worsen and turn out to be even more abhorrent to question our very own security! Let’s activate our self conscience and our very own judgemental senses! Let us just eliminate ‘honour killings’ from the society.

There’s a deem need for-
* Inclusion of religious authorities in education
* Stricter laws
* More importantly, stricter law enforcement
* Immigration etc.

Participating families should be publically shamed. Accomplices and enablers must all be prosecuted. Gender sensitivity should be aroused among the people. If every individual brings a change in him, the society will change, so will the nation and the globe resultantly! Let us all realize: THERE IS NO HONOUR IN KILLING! KILLING IS ALWAYS AN OFFENSE: UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL!


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