Vision & Mission

We are a group of dedicated individuals from different and scattered parts of India standing integrated and reluctant to the series of honour killings and women abuse and assaults prevelant in the country. We believe in working through actions and not mere words. We strictly stand against the social ails that act as a porrigo to the scalp roots of the country. Our mission is to target the victims and provide aid and support in every way possible. We invite young or old, but passionate and dedicated people to join in and contribute their bits for a cause: social and ethical!

Its an initial stance that we are standing on but we believe ‘with every small step that we take we will reach to a plane : safe and sound! ‘ For our visualized nation ‘where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’, let’s join our hands and raise our voice against the injustices¬† and crimes prevalent in the present hour.

We intend to create active groups across India to fight against such brutal killings.

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